14. September 2014

15 Must-Read Guides for UX Professionals: Written or Praised by Industry Leaders (Chris Bank)

The field of UX is daunting without the right guidance. So many subjective questions pop up on a daily basis. How do we provide access to secondary navigation without cluttering the interface? What UI patterns are the most intuitive? How do we fulfill the logical and emotional needs of users? Answer one of them, and five more will inevitably pop up to take their place. (onextrapixel.com)

A to Z of example UX docs and deliverables (Neil Turner)

Following on from my article about how to create great UX documents, I thought that it would be useful to collate some example UX documents and deliverables together. This should hopefully provide a bit of inspiration and assist when it comes to choosing the type of document(s) to produce. For each document / deliverable I’ve included examples, together with a quick outline and links to more information. (uxforthemasses.com)

A history of iOS design from iOS 1 to iOS 8 (marie)

With Apple releasing the iPhone 6 tomorrow. We thought it would be great to go through the history of the iOS design, from iOS 1 to the most recent iOS 8. Throughout the years Apple has brought us everything from Copy Paste, to Siri and the App Store. (designreviver.com)

4 Web Design Elements That Help You Sell the Products on Your Online Store (alexbu)

All eCommerce store owners know sales are the key to business growth. The best way to increase sales for your store is to have the right marketing strategies. There are basically two key elements of online marketing. The first is to drive traffic to your website and the second is converting this traffic into customers. (designfloat.com)

7. September 2014

Improving Mobile Interfaces with Rich-Touch Interactions (Chris Harrison)

Today’s mobile devices are incredibly sophisticated computers with multi-gigahertz, multi-core, hardware accelerated graphics, network connectivity, and many gigabytes of high-speed memory. Indeed, the smartphones we carry in our pockets today would have been deemed supercomputers just twenty years ago. (uxmag.com)

How to create great UX documents (Neil Turner)

Like it or not the UX profession is very much in the documents game. From personas to wireframes and from user journeys to sitemaps, UX is knee deep in documentation. Even with the Agile UX drive to keep documentation to a minimum (which I whole heartedly agree with), in the same way that a football team can’t score goals without a bit of passing (unless you have Maradona on your team); a design team can’t create great designs without a bit of documentation. Sure it’s scoring goals that everyone is working towards but the passing is a necessary step on the way (even if it often gets forgotten about). (uxforthemasses.com)

UX vs. Product? (Christian Reiter)

There are many apps out there with either a great user experience and are fun to use or on the other hand solve a real problem with so much value in it but with a really bad design. But what we need is more stuff which does both great. Every product needs to solve a real problem, or more generally, be of value for the user, and to communicate the solution to that problem in a clear and concise way. (mobxcon.com)

6. September 2014

Mobile UX Summit 2014 (Sept 13). SAVE 50 Euro!

MOBX the Mobile UX Summit 2014 takes place September 13 in Berlin. MOBX is your premier annual conference for Mobile User Experience, small screen Interaction Design and usable interfaces on smart devices.

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The Ethics of UX Research ( Nicholas Bowman)

As a UX researcher for a social media operation, Ute considers different interface designs that might allow users to make more social contacts. Ute gets a radical idea to test her hunches: What if we manipulated some of our current users’ profile pictures and measured the impact of those changes on their friends list? If successful, her research would provide valuable insight into the social media design elements most likely to result in sociability online. Of course, a successful study would also diminish the experiences of thousands already using her company’s service. In Ute’s mind, this is a simple A/B test, yet in the wake of recent controversy surrounding social media research, she’s starting to wonder if she should be concerned about the ethics of her work. (uxbooth.com)

6 Tips for Creating an Effective Survey (Erin Hogg)

There’s a good time, and a not-so-good time, for everything. This rule of life applies to surveys as well. In surveys, situations may exist for you that make it a good idea to field a survey, Diana explained. This could include scenarios of when you want to understand your customers’ motivations or characteristics. Maybe you’re looking to expand your product lines and want to know what your customers would like to see offered. (marketingsherpa.com)

In praise of beautiful advertising (John Collins)

News – both the written word and video – has never been more widely consumed but the traditional business model that has supported its production is busted. (insideintercom.io)