16. April 2015

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How to Succeed as an Experience Designer in Advertising Agencies (Ellen van den Berg)

At tech companies like Twitter and Yahoo, the experience designer sits in with the CEO to talk about the user experience. In full-service digital agencies, cross-disciplinary teams work on projects from kick-off to delivery. Both types of organizations often work on projects and products in an agile way. In advertising agencies, however, creative teams of two (art-direction + copy), aligned with strategy, traditionally develop concepts for campaigns. It’s generally only after client approval of a concept that other disciplines—like experience design—get involved. (uxmag.com)

How Difficult Is It to Design User Experience? (Jaykishan Panchal)

Designers often brand themselves as “User Experience” designers. In fact, it is almost impossible to find a designer today who doesn’t use this attribute in their resume. But the question is: Are they genuine User Experience (UX) designers? In general, the primary concern of UX designers is how the product feels. There is hardly a single right answer to a given design problem. As a result, UX designers need to explore various approaches to resolve a user issue. Logical flow of the product from one step to another is the responsibility of the designers. For this they often implement in-person user tests to observe their behavior. They need to identify tentative verbal and non-verbal blocks and refine them to create the “best” possible user experience. (usabilitygeek.com)

5. April 2015

How to design the future (Jon Turney)

Picture yourself in a supermarket aisle in 2050. These new ‘magic meatballs’, brightly coloured for the kids, seem worth a try. Better have some of the meat powder too, one of the more established products from the mass-manufacturers of cultured meat – you can make that creamy meat-based fondue that always satisfies. You don’t fancy the meat ice-cream today, but there’s still time left for a trip to the deli counter, for some expensive, but delicious ‘rustic’ meat, matured in special vats, or perhaps some knitted steaks. And you can pile your cart secure in the knowledge that no animals were harmed in the making of any of these offerings. (aeon.co)

10 Methods for Optimizing Your Forms for Mobile Devices (Vincent Sevilla)

Ask any average grownup what object they can’t leave the house without and you’ll get, along with keys and wallets, mobiles for an answer. With mobile device manufacturers sprouting one after another, and with them releasing models better than the last, it’s virtually impossible to not subscribe to the growing trend. (speckyboy.com)

Guide to the Onboarding Process in Mobile Apps (Paula Borowska)

Onboarding can take on a few different shapes. Sometimes it’s as simple as account creation or logging in. Sometimes it’s more extensive where it includes a walk-through or a tour of your app. No matter how extensive your onboarding process is, it’s always valuable to see how others are doing it to see what you can learn. (designmodo.com)

27. März 2015

One Magic Formula to Calculate User Experience? (Wouter de Bres)

My quest for a formula to calculate User Experience started with a little experiment to see if I could calculate cognitive loading time of a design. When talking about loading speed of digital products the focus always seem to be the digital loading time, but we sometimes forget that trying to understand an interface also requires time – cognitive loading time. The more I thought and researched this problem, the more I discovered that loading time – digital and cognitive – might just be a small part of a bigger and more important question: Is it possible to quantify User Experience? (gibbon.co)

THE RISE OF ANDROID: How a flailing startup became the world's biggest computing platform (Lisa Eadicicco)

In 2004, Andy Rubin made an urgent call to his friend, Steve Perlman. Rubin’s startup, Android, was in trouble, he explained. Rubin didn’t like asking for money again, but the situation was dire. Android, which was creating mobile software for phones, was out of cash, and other investors weren’t biting. Perlman agreed to wire some funds as soon as possible. (businessinsider.com)

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