13. April 2014

Micro UX. How bottom-up product design liberates designers and delights users. (Francesco Bertelli)

We are on the cusp of a major shift in how product designers approach their jobs. The legacy method is to spend a lot of upfront time concocting a formal strategy and identifying “user needs” before getting to work building something, a top-down process that is time-consuming and costly. An alternative—and increasingly accessible—method is to focus on synthesizing individual elements and features of a product from the bottom-up, ultimately discovering new use cases that could drive a viable business strategy. If the traditional approach is “macro UX,” the new one is “micro UX.” (hugeinc.com)

7 Types of Landing Pages That Will Make Your Website Visitors Stick Like Fly Paper (Sonja Jobson)

As you know, landing pages are the perfect tool for getting a segment of targeted traffic to focus on one action. But most websites are severely underusing landing pages as a tool to convert everyday traffic into leads, followers, fans, and (even more engaged) customers. (kissmetrics.com)

Agile Content Marketing: How to Attract an Audience That Builds Your Business (Brian Clark)

It’s the question I get more than any other, and it’s one of the most important questions you’ll answer in marketing your business: How do I create a content marketing strategy that actually works? That will take several thousand words to answer, and then you’ll have to create your own strategy. Yep, ultimately it’s up to you. (copyblogger.com)

10. April 2014

The Designer’s Guide to A/B Testing (Kerry Butters)

As Anum Khan pointed out in her January article for SitePoint on color psychology and design, in an ideal world, a client would simply accept all of a designer’s ideas and they’d be left to get on with it. However, it’s rare that this happens in reality and so a designer has to fit in with the ideas of a client and the client’s marketing department. (sitepoint.com)

10 Essential User Experience Methods (Jeff Sauro)

UX researchers have developed many techniques over the years for testing and validating their ideas. Here are ten essential methods to learn and employ on your next project. We'll cover many of these in detail at the UX Bootcamp in Denver, Aug 22nd 2014. (measuringusability.com)

DISCOUNT 63% How To Develop & Document Personas & Scenarios (Udemy)

DISCOUNT 63% (YOU SAVE $41): How To Develop & Document Personas & Scenarios

Design products that fit your audience. Design better products by learning how to create better UX personas. (udemy.com)

The instructor is Susan Weinschenk. Susan has a Ph.D. in Psychology, and 30 years of experience applying psychology to the design of software, websites, apps, and technology products. She's the author of How to Get People to Do Stuff, and 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People.

Report: Apple software design chief and key iPhone contributor to leave after fallout with Jony Ive (Kevin Fitchard)

Apple’s vaunted design group appears to be going through some changes. According to a report from 9to5Mac, friction between head of software design Greg Christie and design SVP Jony Ive (pictured) has resulted in a shakeup that led to Ive taking control over all design activity related to software and hardware and will likely see Christie leave the company. (gigaom.com)

Hack – The Language Behind Facebook (Ashutosh KS)

Hack is the new language behind Facebook, which is still the most popular social network to date. It’s a web programming language invented and (recently) open-sourced by Facebook. The company claims that the language helps programmers to code programs faster and avoid errors early and easily. (hongkiat.com)

The Z-Axis: Designing for the Future (Wren Lanier)

For years we’ve thought about the web as a two-dimensional space filled with pages that sit side by side on a flat, infinite plane. But as the devices we design for take on an increasingly diverse array of shapes and sizes, we should embrace new ways of designing up and down. By building interfaces using a system of layers, we solve tricky design problems, flexibly adapt to a variety of screens, and create new patterns that will point the way to future interactions. (alistapart.com)

How To Succeed With Content Marketing In Organic Search (Jim Yu)

Say you have a presentation with a very powerful message about the mission of your brand. You’re qualified to speak on the subject matter because you live and breathe it — and your audience cares, because what you do makes a difference in their lives. (marketingland.com)

Twitter's New Profile Layout Is Here: What You Need to Know (Sam Kusinitz)

Well, the rumors from February about a possible design overhaul of Twitter profile pages are officially no longer rumors. Yesterday, Twitter announced that a new profile design is coming to everyone's favorite 140 character social media site very soon and has already been made available to a small group of users. (hubspot.com)

Why Parallax Design Doesn’t Have to Tank Your SEO (Jerod Morris)

Can parallax design be bad for a website’s SEO? Absolutely. Hence the chatter. But this shouldn’t deter you from considering parallax effects for your site, because any design style can be bad for SEO if it causes a site to load slowly or reduces it to a single URL. (copyblogger.com)