24. Juni 2013

Out now: German UX & Design Podcast

German UX & Design Podcast: "AKW023 UXcamp Europe und Eric Reiss" http://bit.ly/AKWRadio Interview in EN, starts at 10:30 @elreiss #ux

23. Juni 2013

Podcast: UX & Rock'n' Roll

Are you travelling to the Second Day Sessions of UXcamp Europe 2013 in Berlin - or later in the day, traveling home from UXcamEurope? Got a long flight or a long walk infront of you? Than take this podcast with you: IATV Radio.

Show 49 is out now! Handmade and optimized for traveling UX consultants. This show is a must-hear.

22. Juni 2013

Eric Reiss speaking

Eric Reiss speaking at UXcamp Europe in Berlin.

UXcamp Europe Sessions Grid (Day 1)

UXcamp Europe Day 1 sessions grid:

Images by @sk_ia

UXcamp Europe Day 1

First impressions from day 1 of UXcamp Europe: a warm welcome from the UXcamp team, the session planning and so on.

UXcamp Europe 2013 Opening Party

Yes, it's that time of the year again where the entire European UX scene comes to Berlin to be part of UXcamp Europe 2013.

As every year, it is being organized by a small group of wonderful people - all UX practitioners themselves. This free (but sold out) event really is a very important event in the annual UX calendar.

21. Juni 2013

MobX Super Early Bird

Buy a ticket and become an active part of the international Mobile UX community. Our tickets are sold via our long-standing and secure partner amiando. Payment is by credit card. Reduced price Super Early Bird tickets end June 30 at midnight (Berlin time).

20. Juni 2013

UX Design Podcasts

In English - the one and only IATV Radio ("UX & Rock'n Roll"). Supposedly coming to you live from a drifting oil rig ... well, whatever that means! (Also on iTunes)

In German - Abends in der Kreativwirtschaft (aka AKW Radio). Recorded weekly in a secret tavern - hidden somewhere in the dark forrest of the Spessart mountain range. (Also on iTunes)

19. Juni 2013

Impressions from MobX 2012

MobX 2012 was a fantastic event. We had great conversations, learned a lot and met new people. It was lots of work and lots of fun. We certainly hope to see you all again in 2013.

This was our entire line-up:

  • Amber Case (USA), Cyborg Anthropologist, Founder
  • Andrea Resmini (SE), President IAI, Author
  • Andreas Wegner (DE), Head of Design
  • Cennydd Bowles (UK), Product Designer, Author
  • Claire Rowland (UK), Service Design Manager
  • Chui Chui Tan (UK), Director of Int. Research
  • Evan Gerber (USA), VP, Mobile Design & Emerging Interactions
  • Greg Nudelman (USA), Author
  • Guilherme Schneider (UK), Visual Design Lead
  • Joel Sandström (SE), Founder, CEO
  • Joni Rustulka (USA), Super Mega User Happy XD
  • Kristofer Layon (USA), Designer, Author
  • Martin Kaltenbrunner (AT), Professor, Co-founder
  • Nick Finck (USA), User Experience Director
  • Priya Prakash (UK, India), Founder
  • Hendrik Dacquin (BE), Founder, CEO
  • Scott Jenson (USA), Creative Director
  • Skip Allums (USA), IxD, Product Analyst
  • Stephanie Rieger (UK), Designer, Co-founder
  • Theresa Neil (USA), UX Designer, Author
  • Lennart Hennigs (DE), Interaction Designer, Author

MobX 2013: September 13, 2013 in Berlin.

17. Juni 2013

Europe's Premier Mobile UX Summit (YouTube)

Find out more about Europe's Premier Mobile UX Summit at mobxcon.com