29. November 2015

Designing better app icons (Michael Flarup)

After all the ruckus created by last weeks article “Let’s talk about white app icons” (which admittedly did have a bit of a preachy raised-finger vibe) I felt it necessary to follow up with a much more constructive and practical approach on what I actually think makes a great app icon. An article for everyone, newcomers and pros alike, about the magic of app icons and how we can make them better. (medium.com)

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21. November 2015

Building Project Comet: Details Matter (Narciso Jaramillo)

I’m an engineer on the team at Adobe that’s developing Project Comet, a new UX design and prototyping tool. We’re building it from scratch rather than using an existing codebase, so there’s been plenty to do just getting the basics implemented. Multithreaded rendering, vector rasterization, canvas decoration drawing and interaction handling…all before you can even draw a rectangle! (medium.com)

Picking The Right Methods To Improve Navigation (Jeff Sauro)

Despite improvements in search technology, most users still take a browse-first approach to find products and information on websites. That makes navigation important, not only on websites but also in mobile apps, operating systems, and the various devices we interact with. (measuringu.com)

The Evolution of a UI Designer into a Product Designer (Nick Parker)

What is a “product”? Until recently, the term was only used in relation to something material (telephone, TV, refrigerator), but progress can’t be stopped, this term can now relate to plans from wireless providers, different types of banking services to services and applications in IT. We will now discuss the latest type of products. (awwwards.com)

Udemy Black Friday Promotion

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18. November 2015

7 things I learned working at a user-centred design agency (Luke Jones)

At the end of November, I’ll be handing my MacBook back over to cxpartners and moving on to new pastures over at Hudl. I’ve learned a huge amount during my time at cxpartners and achieved more than I ever thought I would by my mid-20s. The cxpartners approach to design is far removed from anything I’ve ever experienced, so I had to adapt quickly, learning along the way that I was a young & foolish designer who had a bunch of assumptions that were wrong. Here are a few things that I have learned in my tenure at this wonderful agency. (medium.com)

The State of Mobile E-Commerce Search and Category Navigation (Jamie Appleseed)

Mobile is still among the hottest web design topics – especially within e-commerce, where it frequently constitutes 30-50% of all traffic. Yet IBM has for the second year in a row documented that mobile conversion rates are roughly half of that of their desktop counterpart. After completing an extensive mobile e-commerce benchmark study, it’s easy to understand why some cry out for caution. (baymard.com)

The politics and aesthetics of participatory HCI (Peter Wright, John McCarthy)

Involving users in the design of systems has been a byword in HCI since its inception. The nature and depth of this involvement has varied from identifying needs and requirements to imagining solutions and evaluating outcomes. As different disciplinary perspectives and values have been brought to bear on the design of interactive systems, how user involvement has been understood and configured has also varied. Most recently we are becoming accustomed to working with terms like human-centered design, experience-centered design, participatory design, and co-design, which represent the range of different viewpoints and value systems at play in HCI design research. (acm.org)

7. November 2015