26. Dezember 2015

The Year in Design (Jeffrey Zeldman)

Mobile is today’s first screen. So design responsively, focusing on content and structure first. (medium.com)

9. Dezember 2015

Animation in Responsive Design (Val Head)

Animation and responsive design can sometimes feel like they’re at odds with each other. Animation often needs space to do its thing, but RWD tells us that the amount of space we’ll have available is going to change a lot. Balancing that can lead to some tricky animation situations. (24ways.org)

What happened to Apple design? (Nick Statt)

Apple today announced its very own battery cases for the iPhone 6 and 6S. And where Apple design chief Jony Ive and crew may have seen a practical way to improve the devices' longevity, the rest of the world saw a terribly designed case — one that makes your smartphone look as if it's undergoing some type of painful evolution into a crappier product. The case is another misfire from the company often lauded for its revelatory design and just the latest instance in a series of confounding Apple hardware decisions. (theverge.com) #design

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Creating a Responsive Web Design
A step-by-step course showing how to create a web layout that responds to screen sizes and printing.

How A Logo's Color Shapes Consumers' Opinion Of A Brand (Meg Miller)

We live in a time of rampant greenwashing. Ever since companies realized that eco-friendliness can lure consumers, they've gone out of their way to market themselves as clean and socially responsible—whether it's true or not. The easiest way to show your company is green? Actually use the color green in your branding. (astcodesign.com)