30. September 2015

Apple Watch Design: 70% off (just €4)

Learn how to design custom apps for Apple's newest and most intimate device. Great for all skill levels.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 35 lectures and 4 hours of content!
  • Use Photoshop to create Apple Watch Apps
  • Identify the anatomy of the Apple Watch
  • Work with mockups
  • Create custom mockups
  • Use photoshop to create user interface for anything
  • Understand the three major themes behind the Apple Watch


What is the target audience?

If you have zero experience with graphic design or photoshop, then this is the course for you. This course operates under the understanding that the student has no previous experience with graphic design or photoshop. If you DO have experience but want to learn how to adapt your skill the Apple Watch, then this course is also well suited for you as well.

Using High Colour Contrast For More Accessible Design (Anna Monus)

A high bounce rate is frequently caused by the poor visual accessibility of a website. When fonts are too small, or they are hardly legible, when there are too many distractions or not enough whitespace, many people just leave the site without a second thought. One of the most frequent reasons for early abandonment is the poorly selected colour schemes that decreases the readability of the content. (hongkiat.com)

This Idea Must Die (Brad Frost)

e’d like to hear about what idea or thing in Web Design/Web Development you think our Industry must let go of in order to achieve progress. I think it’s an excellent question, so here’s my answer. I think the idea that must die is the notion that the Web is this singular, definable, quantifiable thing. I often hear a lot of dogmatic language around what the Web is and that’s often used to justify that person’s One Right Way of doing things. (bradfrost.com)

16. September 2015

Photoshop for beginners (75% off)

Learn everything you need to know about Photoshop and how to use it with confidence:

Over 75 lectures and 5 hours of content!

Course Description

Photoshop for beginners is an absolute must-have for everybody who works with a computer. This course teaches you how to use Photoshop with confidence in all sorts of situations without having any previous knowledge of the program.


When A Survey Is The Better Research Method (Jeff Sauro)

Have you taken a terrible survey? Or, perhaps you were on the receiving end of the results? Too long. Leading questions. Poor response options. Overgeneralized findings and misinterpreted data. There's no doubt that surveys can be overused and abused. Maybe you've even thought about abandoning them altogether. (measuringu.com)

Why is it so Easy to Get 'Mobile First' Wrong? (James Archer)

There’s definitely some logic to the underlying philosophy of the “mobile first” approach to design, but there are also some hidden problems that cause even experienced designers to make some fundamental user experience mistakes. Doing it wrong serves only to reverse the underlying problem, creating a painful desktop experience instead of a painful mobile experience, which only moves the problem around rather than actually solving it. (deep.design)

Should You Use a Custom Scroll Indicator? A Study with Eye-Tracking (Curt Arledge)

In recent years, I’ve noticed more and more websites using custom UI elements to indicate how far the user has scrolled down a page. Custom scroll position indicators come in many forms: variations on the traditional vertical scrollbar, horizontal elements at the top or bottom of the page, and other unique styles. Custom scroll indicators can offer the benefit of visual consistency across operating systems and provide needed feedback when the native scrollbar gets hijacked by infinite scroll. (viget.com)

Interactive Packaging: 15 Clever Examples You Should Check Out (Shelagh Hammer)

Our packaging choices are constantly evolving. Today however, creativity reigns more so than ever before. People crave something different, either through activity, unique statements, or humor. This is where interactive packaging comes in. Interactive packaging is not only well designed in the visual realm but also serves a purpose such as entertainment or functionality. As the name implies, interactive packaging stands out on the shelves by establishing a "cool" factor through giving buyers something to do or an easier way to use the product. (hongkiat.com)