3. August 2014

ROI Of Usability (Megan Wilson)

We all know that investing in usability is essential for creating a simple and intuitive experience for the customer. But some may not consider this enough to justify the costs associated with usability design. However, there are a variety of other benefits that provide a great Return on Investment (ROI) on your usability investment. In addition to the most immediate but hard-to-measure benefits to the user experience, investing in usability offers concrete quantitative benefits for your business. (usabilitygeek.com)

Basic Colour Rules for Web Designers (Anamaria)

There’s an ongoing debate about how humans perceive colours. Some say that nobody sees the exact same colours as someone else, but that by perpetuating what we’ve been taught by our parents or grandparents we’ve just somehow managed to reach somewhat of a common ground. So, in theory, green looks the same to everyone because we’ve been told it’s the colour of plants in spring and summer and blue is also safe, because it’s the colour of the sky during midday. Still, the way we categorize shades of the same colour is still a topic that is always open for debate and can sometimes lead to lengthy and heated arguments. (topdesignmag.com)

Google Analytics Tips for UX Research (Chris Myhill)

Google Analytics can be an incredibly powerful tool for optimising your site’s user experience. Here are my top tips for harnessing its full potential. (speckyboy.com)

The case for making libraries full of toys and games (Angela Tung)

American businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie’s public library legacy was built on a boyhood dream: to acquire knowledge. Carnegie believed in “the meritocratic nature of America,” that anyone “with the right inclination and desire could educate himself” and therefore succeed, and that libraries should contribute directly to that. (qz.com)

Why Having a Blog is so Important for Freelance Designers (Speider Schneider)

With competition rising among designers, using social media is more important than ever, especially having your own blog to help spotlight your talent and abilities. A blog can not only show your work but your thought process, knowledge and professional demeanor… if it’s done correctly! (noupe.com)

The Only Consumer That Matters. Who is really a customer of yours? (Mitch Joel)

I often get to hang out backstage at conferences and events. When you have that kind of access to other speakers, business leaders and authors, it would be silly not to take advantage of it. So, I do. I ask them questions. I prod them. I engage them. I do my best to not be a pest, while at the same time, I see these as moments that should never be wasted. (twistimage.com)