5. Oktober 2011

Services To Analyse Your Traffic

Das hier ist mal wirklich eine lange, lange, lange Liste: Web Analytics – 45+ Scripts & Services To Analyse Your Website Traffic.

Web Analytics, as it is known, is the measurement and analysis of every factor that contributes to your websites success. It allows you to track your visitor activity and show where visitors are coming from, what keywords and search terms they used to find your website, how long they stayed on your website, what page they exited your website from, what links they clicked, what pages are getting the most traffic and much more. It also shows where they come from, what browser or device they used to visit your website and what language they speak. Other sources such as leads, email campaign responses, heat maps etc can be tracked too.

Sind natürlich viele recht bekannte Tools dabei - aber eben auch einige ziemlich unbekannte Lösungen. Lohnt einen Blick. Unbedingt.