27. Februar 2009

Agile Design Cycles

Gestern Abend bin ich an über diesen interessanten Beitrag gestolpert: Agile UI Design Series: UI Design in an Agile Project Cycle Part 1. Hört sich nach einer sehr interessanten Serie an.

Agile development is all the rage, but it has been frequently stated by UI advocates that agile development encompasses design processes that don’t work well together. In some cases I have found this to be true and in others you have to adapt your own design processes to just work better. In this first article I will outline a few techniques that can help you cope during the pre-project planning stages.

Wir werden bei der diesjährigen IA Konferenz auch paar Vorträge aus dem Berreich Agile und UX haben. Da freu ich mich schon sehr drauf.