17. Mai 2010

Don Norman: Natural User Interfaces

Das hier, hätte ich Euch normalerweise fürs Wochenende unters Kopfkissen gelegt, ich war aber in Köln auf unserer IA Konferenz und daher kommt der Link erst jetzt: Natural User Interfaces are not Natural.

Fundamental principles of knowledge of results, feedback, and a good conceptual model still rule. The strength of the graphical user interface (GUI) has little to do with its use of graphics: It has to do with the ease of remembering actions, both in what actions are possible and how to invoke them. Visible icons and visible menus are the mechanisms, and despite the well-known problems of scaling up to the demands of modern complex systems, they still allow one to explore and learn. The important design rule of a GUI is visibility: Through the menus, all possible actions can be made visible and, therefore, easily discoverable. The system can often be learned through exploration. Systems that avoid these well-known methods suffer.

Ein toller Artikel vom großen Don Norman.