18. Mai 2010

Interview: Search Patterns

Peter Morville ist ein wirklich talentierter Schreiber. Umso mehr freue ich mich auf sein neues Buch Search Patterns.

Zum Buch ist hier ein kurzes Interview erschienen: Interview with Peter Morville about his new book “Search Patterns”.

... faceted navigation lets users begin naturally with a keyword or two. They're rewarded with traditional results plus a list of facets (or fields) and values, usually on the left. This SERP (search engine results page) serves as a custom map that offers insights into the content and its organization. And, this is a map that's also the territory. Users can take a simple next step to clarify or refine their query by clicking on a facet value. And, by taking several of these simple next steps, users can construct a sophisticated, powerful query. So, not only do users find what they need, but they also learn along the way.

Hört sich spannend an.