21. Mai 2010

Sketched Wireframes

Das hier, liebe THS-Leser, ist ein wirklich lesenswerter Artikel: 18 Great Examples of Sketched UI Wireframes and Mockups.

Whether you’re designing a user interface for a website or an iPhone app, it’s always a good idea to start with a wireframe. It can be a big time saver if you’re able to nail down the placement of major layout elements early on in a project. There are a number of wireframing applications out there, but a lot of user interface designers like to start out on paper with sketches of what things might look like. With so many tools available to quickly create digital wireframes, some may argue that this is an unnecessary step in the design process. But I think the free flowing style of a sketched wireframe or mockup can be refreshing.

Na, ist das nicht eine Wochenendlektüre die wie geschaffen ist für Informationsarchitekten und angehende UX Profis?