16. Mai 2010

IA Konferenz 2010 - German IA Conference 2010

Great opening keynote by Erin Malone (tangible UX, co-author of Designing Social Interfaces). Oh, she can speak German.

Closing keynote speaker Arne van Oosterom (designthinkers) waiting for me to stop making stupid jokes.

Vera and I (IA Konferenz) talking about who knows what...

Klaus Rüggenmann (Aperto) talking about Design Thinking at work.

Jason Hobbs (jh-01) giving an inspiring talk on IA Theory...

Stefan Freimark (Aperto) talking about Mental Models (the book) at work.

Birgit Mager (sdn) giving a great introduction to Service Design.

Søren Muus (FatDUX) talking about how to win new clients...

Bogo Vatovec (Bovacon) giving a kick-ass presentation: The IA Survival Guide to Service Design.

Sylvain Cottong (integratedplace) talking about the relation between Service Design and Design Thinking.

More impressions here and here on Flickr.