23. Juni 2010

Horseless Carriages

Das hier, liebe THS-Leser, ist ein recht lesenswerter Beitrag: What’s Next for the Online Experience?

New technologies begin by imitating older technologies before evolving to their true forms. For example, early automobiles looked like horseless carriages, and early television shows imitated radio programming before finding their own forms. Online experiences have followed this pattern—getting their start by imitating the printed page. Although many of today’s online experiences have evolved to include more function and interactivity, the “Web page” still dominates our thinking. So the question still remains: what new form will the Web take as it continues to evolve over the next five years? Three types of trends are driving online experiences into their next phase: capabilities, consumers and competition.

Der Beitrag erwähnt einige gute Punkte. Lest mal drüber, wenn Ihr Zeit habt.