21. Juni 2010

When to Say ‘No’

Ich bin heute Morgen beim Frühsurfen über diesen sehr netten Artikel gestolpert: A Designer and Developer’s Dilemma: 9 Detestable “Requests”.

When the Internet was a new trend there was no such thing as a professional Web Designer or Developer. Individuals interested in making their simple sites prettier and more interesting can be considered the pioneer Web Designers and Developers. Because it wasn’t a popular or well developed profession at the time, everyone just needed to roll with the punches and do their best to design and develop their own websites with the software they could get their hands on. Today, the web industry has blossomed and grown so rapidly that more and more people have noticed this niche trade. This rapid growth and progression have further shown the important role the web has in each individual’s lives today. The Internet is the new cash on card; you can’t leave home without it.

Sind ein paar gute Beispiele dabei.