8. Dezember 2011

Agile Experience Design

Ich habe von den freundlichen Jungs und Mädels von Peachpit ein neues Buch geschenkt bekommen: Agile Experience Design: A Digital Designer's Guide to Agile, Lean, and Continuous. Zum Glück ein Thema das mich tatsächlich sehr interessiert.

Ich werde berichten wie und ob es mir gefallen hat. Was ich bislang gelesen habe, hört sich aber alles sehr gut und wirklich interessant an.

Agile development methodologies may have started life in IT, but their widespread and continuing adoption means there are many practitioners outside of IT--including designers--who need to change their thinking and adapt their practices. This is the missing book about agile that shows how designers, product managers, and development teams can integrate experience design into lean and agile product development. It equips you with tools, techniques and a framework for designing great experiences using agile methods so you can deliver timely products that are technically feasible, profitable for the business, and desirable from an end-customer perspective.