2. Dezember 2011

CS im Design Prozess

Hier ist ein ganz guter und leichter Artikel zum Thema Content Strategy: Content Strategy Within The Design Process. Der Beitrag beschreibt ein wenig Sorgen und Probleme eines Content Strategn - und wie man diesen begenen kann.

While wrapping one’s head around content strategy might be difficult, the thing that makes it work is very simple: good communication. Sometimes a project moves along like a sports car on a superhighway. Other times, the road is so full of bumps and potholes that it’s a wonder we ever reach our destination. As we explore the relationship between content strategy and design, I’ll detail how I keep the channels of communication open and go over the workflow processes that I’ve used to support that effort. I hope that sharing my experiences (both positive and negative) will help you contribute to and manage projects more effectively and deliver better products to clients.

Der Text ist durchaus lesenswert. Zumindest als Einstiegslektüre für CS Neulinge.