6. Dezember 2011

Mobile, before and after

Liebe THS-Leser, ich hoffe ja dass viele von Euch bei unserer MobX Conference gewesen sind. Einer unserer wirklich tollen Sprecher, Peter Sikking, hat seine Präsentation in einem guten Beitrag zusammengefasst: mobx, mobile before January 9th, 2007.

Looking back it is quite amazing that we were working in ’98 on a touch UI model, for production. OK, it looked more like the model above than an iPhone, but still it had handwriting text input. Alas, that work stopped in the mid‑1998 when AEG got out of the mobile business. Nokia had invented segmentation—different mobiles for different people—and were solidly beating companies like AEG who were making only one model at any given time. Segmentation seemed to be the way of the future…

Eine schöner Beitrag. In zwei Teilen. Schaut mal drüber, wenn Ihr Zeit habt.