13. Juli 2010

Bridge the Gap

Ich bin neulich über diesen recht lesenswerten Artikel gestolpert: Event Style Usability Testing.

Usability testing is often used for getting feedback or benchmarking the usability of key task flows of a product or service. These key tasks are discrete and isolated to make it easier to get more quantitative data, but this comes at the cost of losing what the natural workflow may be since a structure or order is enforced. The natural workflow is something that is researched through more contextual methods. What we wanted for this project was to be able to allow a natural workflow that would allow users to use multiple tools and do things that were not expected by the product team while being able to get metrics such as time, errors, assists, and perceived usability. With this in mind, we created a method that we’ve dubbed internally as Event Style Usability Testing to help bridge this gap between usability testing and contextual/ethnographic studies.

Zum Thema Usability - sicherlich für einige THS-Leser interessant.