5. Juli 2010

Stop Designing Alone

Das hier, liebe THS-Leser, ist ein wirklich guter Blog-Post: Why Agile UX is Meaningless without an Agile Attitude.

For a number of reasons, many UX designers are strongly conditioned to design alone. This unfortunate yet common pattern is perhaps the single greatest obstacle in allowing for developing an Agile attitude. Among its many detriments is that it perpetuates an Us/Them mindset and that it makes ritual-free rapid communication, a cornerstone of Agile, nearly impossible. A common working-alone pattern is to first gather information from team members and stakeholders, and maybe do a bit of whiteboarding with the team, and then go off and create the “real” design in your cubicle with your headphones on.

Sehr lesenswert - nicht nur für THS-Leser, die sich für Agiles-Zeugs interessieren.