11. Juli 2010

SEO and IA

Eine interessante und lesenswerte Sonntagslektüre ist der Artikel: Information Architecture – Rocket Science Simplified.

Well, it may not matter to you. But to me, it’s about finding every way possible to squeeze out as much SEO value as possible while not completely sacrificing the user experience. And for sites like this client example, where I’m paid in an ongoing contract to continually come up with additional ways to improve the bottom line financially for my client, I can achieve more long lasting results in less time by addressing this topic than I can by obtaining links that may or may not one day be useless, or even harmful. Because at the end of the day, the site’s internal information architecture factors will always be factors. And while they may be less of a factor some day, the only way to compare apples to apples is not just with inbound link or external mention authority, but down and dirty on-site considerations.

Guter Beitrag.