1. März 2010

Designing the Obvious

Ich habe neulich endlich Designing the Obvious, von Robert Hoekman, zu Ende gelesen.

Designing the Obvious belongs in the toolbox of every person charged with the design and development of Web-based software, from the CEO to the programming team. Designing the Obvious explores the character traits of great Web applications and uses them as guiding principles of application design so the end result of every project instills customer satisfaction and loyalty. These principles include building only whats necessary, getting users up to speed quickly, preventing and handling errors, and designing for the activity. Designing the Obvious does not offer a one-size-fits-all development process--in fact, it lets you use whatever process you like.

Das Buch lässt sich sehr gut und flott lesen. Würde ich nicht ständig 3 bis 4 Bücher gleichzeitig lesen (eh, macht Ihr das auch?) wäre ich auch schon viel früher fertig geworden.

Ein Buch das auf jede Lese-Liste gehört.