24. März 2010

Interview: JJG

Liebe THS-Leser, hier ist ein sehr interessantes Interview erschienen - mit keinem Geringerem als dem dunklen Ritter höchst persönlich... UX at Year X: An interview with Jesse James Garrett.

Even among experienced practitioners, I think it’s been a valuable touchstone, to establish a common frame of reference for discussions about our work. I love the various riffs on Elements people have put out over the years, from George Olsen in 2003 to Richard Dalton in 2007 to David Sherwin in 2010. Some people have thought I’d be upset by what they’ve done, but it’s actually really gratifying to see people pick it up and do their own thing with it. It’s a tool, it’s no good if it’s not useful to you, so you should reshape it to your purposes.

Auf jeden Fall sehr lesenswert.