10. April 2010

Holistic Browsing Trends

Das hier, liebe THS-Leser, ist eine sehr schöne Wochenendlektüre: Holistic Web Browsing: Trends Of The Future.

The future of the Web is everywhere. The future of the Web is not at your desk. It’s not necessarily in your pocket, either. It’s everywhere. With each new technological innovation, we continue to become more and more immersed in the Web, connecting the ever-growing layer of information in the virtual world to the real one around us. But rather than get starry-eyed with utopian wonder about this bright future ahead, we should soberly anticipate the massive amount of planning and design work it will require of designers, developers and others.

Der Artikel ist lang aber reich bebildert... und vielleicht gibt es ja unter Euch manche die am Wochenende nicht arbeiten müssen. Viel Spaß beim lesen.