30. April 2010

Think Wireframes

Das hier, liebe THS-Leser, ist ein guter Freitagsartikel: Shades of Grey: Wireframes as Thinking Device.

For me, wireframes act as a form of 'thinking device' for the setting and exploration of a given problem space—in this example, a homepage for a cruise line operator. To understand the utility of wireframes it is important to understand the nature of designing. I think of "D"esign as an exploration of the conceivable futures. I use my sketches and wireframes as means to make explorative moves and assess the consequences of those moves. As I explore the problem space, I could relatively easily keep the design models in my head, but I would fail in my primary objective to create a framework for a conversation among the stakeholders, the intended audience, and me.

Wirklich recht lesenswert. So kurz vorm Wochenende ist das evtl. genau die richtige Lektüre.