24. April 2010

Nice iPhone App Sites

Liebe THS-Leser, hier ist vielleicht was nettes für Euere Inspiration am Wochenende: 100 Wonderfully Designed iPhone App Websites.

The App Store is growing daily, that means if you’re a developer your competition is heavily increasing. Your app needs to be greatly designed, have a website, and should be heavily promoted. Take for example TapTapTap, they have a webpage for each of their apps, and they promote apps by giving away prizes. For example, take the Digg app, they promoted it for 2 weeks and gave away iPads each day. This is was a great technique and it worked wonderfully. Now I am not saying you should take it that far and break the bank. Just try to do something of a lesser value. You should focus strongly on creating a clean professional website that will showcase your app.

Sind ein par wirklich nette Beispiele dabei.