10. Januar 2009

Activity Streams

Auf readwriteweb.com ist ein kurzer Post erschienen: Google, Facebook, MySpace and More Meet to Talk Activity Streams.

What are activity streams all about? People are taking actions and publishing content on a wide variety of websites these days; pulling all that data together, with a variety of different permission levels for viewing and different types of data, is much easier said than done. Just like a standard size of railroad track helped the trains get across the US like they had never done before (thus opening a new era of commerce and communication) so to do all these social media signals need some common format standards to travel from one website to another.

Activity Stream ist ein guter Begriff und wirklich ein spannendes Thema. Ich denke, Steve Gillmor hat vor Jahren mit seiner GestureBank bereits einen vergleichbaren Gedanken gehabt.