4. Januar 2009

M-banking in urban India

Hier ist eine Veröffentlichung, die demnächst im Asian Journal of Communication, erscheint als Preprint zu lesen: Mobile banking and economic development: Linking adoption, impact, and use (PDF, 24 Seiten).

Around the globe, various initiatives use the mobile phone to provide financial services to those without access to traditional banks. Yet relatively little scholarly research explores the use of these m-banking/m-payments systems. This paper calls attention to this gap in the research literature, emphasizing the need for research focusing on the context(s) of m-banking/mpayments use. Presenting illustrative data from exploratory work with small enterprises in urban India, it argues that contextual research is a critical input to effective “adoption” or “impact” research.

Eine recht gute Sonntagslektüre, wie ich finde.

(via putting people first)